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What is a retreat?

At its most basic a retreat is a stepping away from, a drawing back, a withdrawal from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It is about making space and time to become more focused on your inner life. Retreats come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of purposes spiritual, wellness, healing, fitness, health, but behind them all the goal is to become as fully aware of and present in the moment as possible.

A spiritual retreat is centred on prayer, developing a sacramental awareness of God in all of life. It is making the opportunity to give quality time to re-collect, re-member, re-examine and re-connect to that which is all important and central and in so doing to be re-freshed and re-newed.

Here at High Dalby we provide the opportunity for guests to take part in the pilgrimage of retreat, the journey that starts where you are and then enables you to discover how to move towards where and who you want to become. When you look at our labyrinth the design symbolises that journey

Retreats and Quiet Days

We offer a variety of retreats to suit both those seeking to deepen their spiritual walk and those wanting to refresh their vision and seeking refreshment and new aspirations. We also offer time and space to take time out and to reset.

Private retreats can be self-guided or supported and led, depending on individual needs, and special arrangements can be made to provide those seeking retreat the freedom to seek renewal. There are plentiful buildings, including the Chapel in the Hermitage, the Gazebo in the Labyrinth, the Reading Room or the Observatory, both in the wild flower area where you can meditate, read, write or pray as well as locations such as Kingfisher corner, Winters End, the Beckside arbour, beyond the lake to reflect and take measure of the environment when weather permits.

Quiet days and day retreats are organised and run, often with specialist support to spend time, Forest Bathing, Mindful walking, Dark Sky observation, Spiritual Topics, Bible Study, Festival reflection and much more. These will be advertised on our web site , via Instagram, facebook and twitter.

Well-being and blessing are at the heart of the offerings here at High Dalby House and to help with physical and mental health we have now completed the installation of wood fired hot tub, sauna/steam room and fire pit to aid rest and relaxation. These can be pre-booked for private use.

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