Holidays & Holydays

Holidays are pretty much self-explanatory but holydays carry more of the sense of a ‘retreat’. Both concepts are connected as they are rooted into the idea of wholeness. We believe that they are not mutually exclusive.

Indeed, a retreat can mean many things. Often the word is used to mean a withdrawal from a ‘battle’ of some description.

Finding space and time to be mindful and reflect upon what truly matters and how to re-imagine and re-create oneself and one’s circumstances is not always easy. Each person’s ‘field of battle’ is different and each will respond in his or her own way. Yet as human beings we all need opportunity to catch up with ourselves and give ourselves permission just to be and become. A retreat offers safe space and time in which to relax and let go and to reflect upon context and circumstances, relationships and selves. Such stuff is part of life, reflection can help us learn, deal with it, and gain fresh insight, perspective and energy, to continue on our spiritual journeys. For some this will be entirely personal. For others it may include communion with nature. For somea personal relationship with God, and being given opportunity to worship and discern his presence and experience his love.

Often such reflection is aided through the practice of silence which can be deeply satisfying, liberating and healing.
So, holidays and holydays contribute to ‘wholeness’, being and becoming who we were created to be, living abundant full lives celebrating our humanity. For us, but not all our guests, this means reflecting our likeness to the image of God and seeking to be transformed to the likeness of Christ. We welcome all whatever their faith position.

Here at High Dalby holydays can take many forms. We are seeking to meet people where they are and be responsive to their needs. We aim to provide warm hospitality through our home and its beautiful unique environs to enable those who come to have the retreat environment tailored to their physical and spiritual needs. Individual or group retreats can be silent, agenda free or guided.

Those seeking a guided or supported retreat are asked to work with us, preferably in advance of arrival, to create a bespoke programme to enable us to plan together how time, space, silence and activity may be best used to meet the expectations of those on intentional retreat.

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