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Quiet Days

Quiet Days are offered for guests to reflect on broad Christian themes found in Advent and Lent, mindfulness, the nature of the universe, or more focused emphasis on a person, e.g. Julian of Norwich, or artefact, e.g. the Retreat Association icon on Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well, or introduction to the labyrinth.
They are held in our small chapel, in the Hermitage, usually in a group of up to ten, and guests are encouraged to use the grounds.

A typical day programme would begin with coffee, and worship where we might use resources from the Northumbria community, before moving into some guided input, individual reflection, and or group discussion, before lunch. The afternoon offers some creative activity for those inclined towards art, poetry, journaling, before closing with worship which may include the Eucharist.
At the end of the day guests are welcome to stay on to enjoy the facilities and the company of others.

Some of our most popular days have centred on activities such as forest bathing or mindulness as each of these offer space for reflection and personal growth.

On the practical front days run from 10am to 3pm include all refreshments, incorporating a healthy home made two course lunch.

Star gazing evenings, often starting with a barbecue, pizza or baked potato with fillings have enabled guests, and ourselves to marvel at the wonders of the universe.
These commence early in the evening and time vary to maximise dark sky availability.
Costs vary depending on the level of input from external facilitators.

Take a look at our experience pages to find out more about specific events and activities.

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