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Mindful Walking Explained
Walking may be a necessary chore to get from a to b, an opportunity to take some exercise, chance to explore new places and experiences or since COVID in particular a means of maintaining or mental health
And yet, the very act of walking upright sets us apart from most of the animals on our planet. In a very literal sense, it is part of who we are. Moving through the world in this way is part of what it means to be human.
Walking is so ubiquitous that we often fail to notice that we are engaging in or with it. But it’s there, available to all of us so long as our health allows.
When mindful walking, our journey is less about the destination and, while avoiding ‘distracted autopilot,’ more about bringing awareness to this everyday activity and the surroundings through which we pass.
Like most mindful activities, it can be performed anywhere: a country lane, a mountain top, or a bustling street.
To the mindful, when in a state of appreciation, the sight of early morning sunlight hitting a dirty puddle on a city street is equal to the setting sun in a mountain scene. The sound of a dog barking to the background of traffic noise matches the birdsong echoing through woodland.

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