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Dark Skies

The International Dark-Sky Association designates areas as dark sky reserves when they meet a strict set of criteria to demonstrate a limited impact of light pollution, a commitment by residents and local authorities to support the aims, and install dark sky friendly lighting, whilst running education and outreach programmes to highlight the value of night time darkness.

Following a long process the North York Moors National Park was designated as a Dark Sky reserve in December 2020 and one of the darkest locations within this reserve is to be found at High Dalby House.

This makes us one of the best places in the country to view the stars and in the National Park you can spy up to 2000 stars at any one time, as well as being able to view the Milky Way.


Here at High Dalby we are embracing the aims as we convert our external lighting to Dark Sky friendly fittings, offer an observatory, guide books or the hot tub for guests to take time gazing at the stars. Weprovide an astrnomincal telescope to get a closer view of the heavens and take an active part in monitoring sky conditions and engaging in the dark skies festivals.

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