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About Us

We have come to High Dalby with differing and varied professional backgrounds. Ian, one-time rugby player, is a chartered engineer, spending much of his career in construction, including a period running a large manufacturing company before establishing his own property and consultancy business. Linda taught English before becoming a secondary head teacher,then an education consultant, facilitator and coach, before embarking upon research in practical theology and learning.

Both of us were ordained into the Anglican church late in life, finding our vocations as priests coming to fruition from serendipitous spiritual journeys. Ian was a parish priest with, Linda, initially his curate, working alongside him, and who is also trained as a Spiritual Director.

Our own journeys of faith, individually and together, remain just that, journeys of faith. We do not pretend to have answers. Indeed, we do not see ourselves as givers of advice rather as companions and fellow pilgrims.

High Dalby House & Cottages Dalby Forest Drive, Dalby Forest, Thornton-le-Dale, Pickering. North Yorkshire. YO18 7LP. Tel: 01751 460001 Email: ian@highdalbyhouse.com