Programme of events

Last year we were honoured to host the first ever UK Ontological Coaching conference with renowned leader in the field Alan Seiler. This proved to be a great week and there are now plans afoot to conduct further course and conferences in central Manchester. If you want to know more contact us for further information.

We joined with Faith Douglas of Thorp Perrow Arboretum to hold a mindfulness in nature day and with York Diocese running a quiet day on the Spirituality of Creation.

Several folk have asked to hire the house and garden as a venue for other mindfulness events but we have decided at the moment to continue to organise and run events ourselves as we seek to establish our place in the market.

Our programme for the coming few months includes:

2nd September mindfulness day with Faith Douglas - forest Bathing UK starts at 10:30
17th September Dark sky meanders and star gazing with adventures for the soul
18th September Outdoor Yoga and sensory nature walk with Adventures for the soul
25th September mindfulness and forest bathing day with Faith Douglas
26th September Opening and dedication of the new chapel and Labyrinth
30th September Quiet day focusing on Julian of Norwich